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This Post is Pikachu-Approved

Football fans young and old will be treated to a very special ad during Super Bowl 50 – and this one isn’t for beer, snack chips, or cars. While ads for expected brands are battling for consumer attention, one brand’s ad will be focused on the battle itself: and that brand is Pokemon.


In honor of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary, the masters of the fictional universe are sharing a positive message: Train On. As the spot shows, when young boys and girls are inspired by what they see, they believe they “can do that” – whatever “that” is. To those who have never experienced the greatness that is the world of Pokemon, you have truly missed out. Humans, or “trainers,” capture these fantastical creatures and train them so that they can battle, Pokemon against Pokemon, with other trainers. It’s a complex world full of evolutions, rules, types…and lots of imagination.


Really, without imagination, where would all of our innovation come from? Now, take a look at the brand’s new spot – and take your imagination on a 60-second journey that you won’t regret.


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