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Top Ads of 2013 (will we remember them at the end of 2014?)

IBM’s “Smarter Cities” campaign is one of Creativity’s top picks for best ads in 2013.

Starting off the new year is a good time to look back at what creative executions rose to the top last year. As we all know, its is getting harder and harder to stand out in a world that is overcome by advertising. So what sort of creative innovation is inspiring consumers to engage more deeply with a brand promise? Check out Creativity’s top picks of 2013 which do just that.

#1 in Film/Video – Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

In an attempt to change the way women view themselves and boost self esteem, the beauty brand hired a former forensic artist to draw portraits of women using only their descriptions of themselves, i.e. hair length, facial structure, their most prominent feature. He then drew a second portrait of the same women according to descriptions provided by strangers they had met on the same day. The difference between the two sketches was remarkable. This short film clearly struck an emotional chord with the brands audience as it was uploaded in 25 different languages, to 33 of Dove’s YouTube channels and has been viewed in more than 110 countries. I must say, as a woman who admittedly can be overly critical of herself, this video brought tears to my eyes!

#1 in Print/Design – IBM’s Smarter Ideas for Smarter Cities

Simple ideas are often the strongest. IBM and Ogilvy Paris created the “Smarter Ideas for Smarter Cities” campaign which turned ads into useful smart solutions to urban living. Each outdoor structure is designed to make life just a bit easier, offering shelter on a rainy day, a bench to sit on, and a ramp over a short flight of stairs. Talk about invasive and purposeful. What a great way to really make advertising memorable.

#1 In Integrated – Citibank’s Citibikes

While bike sharing programs aren’t a new concept, Citibank is leveraging this opportunity by creating a social, cause-based integrated campaign. First and foremost, kudos on snagging the naming rights, because it is definitely not a bad thing when the Mayor of New York City mispronounces the program, calling it “Citibank”. Secondly, the bikes themselves are outdoor ads cruising all around the city and with over 1.4 million youtube views, BMX pro Tyrone Williams shows people that this program is an awesome addition to city life. All in all, Citibank is doing a great job of getting their brand name zipping all around New York City.

Overall, I think all three of these efforts have done an amazing job at telling a story, connecting with the audience on a deep, emotional level, and bringing a convenience to daily life.  They are fantastic ideas brought to life with flawless execution. I completely agree with the ‘wins’ of 2013 and am looking forward to another groundbreaking year of kick-ass advertising. 

~ Tracey Jeffas, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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