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Truck Art Project: Art that Moves You

Contemporary Art on the Move

The Truck Art Project, an original new project in Spain, has been put together by Jaime Colsa and Oscar Samna. It showcases contemporary artists in a big way. Not only in size but in reach as well—the canvas being a truck! The partnership between artists and a commercial shipping company provides mobility, scale, and opportunity. It also pushes the artists conceptually as the viewership is uncontrolled, involuntary, and very quick.

TruckArt-2The first year includes 10 trucks with an app soon to follow which would allow anyone to track the artwork for a chance to see it at full scale.

What a great idea. This story along with the visuals immediately hatched so many thoughts, so many creative places to go, so many applications for commercial visibility and mobility…think about it. Maybe something like this will come to the US soon…

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