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Truth: I’ll Do Anything A Cat Tells Me To…

Truth Campaign Capitalizes on Cat Appeal

Are people actually still smoking? As a lifelong non-smoker, it seems hard to wrap my head around. But for those still smoking, or struggling with quitting smoking, the Truth initiative aims to educate the public about big tobacco and the dangers of smoking. Their latest campaign is centered around pets. More specifically, cats. In case you haven’t been on the internet in the past 5 years, cat videos run the show. I don’t go a day without watching some type of cat video, and I’m not alone.


How is Truth relating stopping smoking to cat videos? By focusing on the risk smoking puts on the creation of future said entertainment. They are calling it a potential #CATmageddon, stating that cats whose owners smoke are twice as likely to get cancer. Therefore, smoking could put the whole existence of cat videos, the internet’s favorite pastime, at risk. While the Truth mashup of cat videos may be lighthearted, I think the realization that people are not only potentially hurting themselves, but their pets as well, hits hard.


This campaign is a slam dunk as far as I’m concerned. You could sell a pile of rocks with a good cat video. Truth videos have always felt a bit harsh, in the best way. Harming yourself is one thing, but to willingly endanger your cat is unthinkable! (In my mind, at least.) Also, as with any Truth campaign, even if this ad encourages even one person to stop smoking, it’s a success. To learn more, visit Truth online.



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