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Tryptophan Slow Jam: Thanksgiving Music to a Brand’s Ears


Few people associate a real estate brand with Thanksgiving. Retail brands like Macy’s, yes, but real estate brands? Not until now. Introducing “Tryptophan Slow Jam,” Century 21’s new “Thanksgiving anthem” as CMO Bev Thorne calls it, that is intended to capture the food coma feeling we experience after eating a large turkey-centric meal. The realty giant hopes the trippy tune will get them a seat at consumers’ tables from this Turkey Day forward. It’s an ambitious goal – and one they may just accomplish.

What does a video combining psychedelic graphics and slow driving rock music – not to mention hysterical lyrics – have to do with Century 21? Nothing. And it doesn’t pretend to do so, eschewing forced brand references in exchange for pure entertainment value. The closing frame is the only place you’ll see the Century 21 logo, as the brand simultaneously wishes viewers a Happy Thanksgiving and claims credit for the unique experience they’ve just feasted their eyes upon. That clear understanding of why people flock to certain videos – that it’s about the viewers and not about the brand – has already garnered this unusual corporate video thousands of YouTube eyeballs (80K+ over two days and growing).

It’s clear that Century 21 knows what it takes to stand out, and playing it safe doesn’t do it in today’s hyper-stimulated world. “Tryptophan Slow Jam” gives voice to a shared experience – overeating on Thanksgiving – with lyrics such as “like your body’s made of wet cement” and “eyelids weigh about a ton and a half.” A funky turkey plays guitar, a football sings, a man sails in a gravy boat… It’s a lot to take in, in a good way, which is another reason viewers will return to watch again and again.

Ultimately, while the “Tryptophan Slow Jam” may raise questions as to why Century 21 would create it, it will also raise the brand’s awareness as people slow down to watch it – and allow the brand to become a memorable part of pop culture. It looks like Century 21 just may have a turkey leg up on the competition.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on my Examiner.com blog. Give me a follow there too! ~ Denise Blasevick (aka @AdvertGirl)


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