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“Undress Me” – The Steamy Sequel


Director Tatia Pilieva is at it again…and this time it’s with a bolder, more risqué video called “Undress Me.” In her second video, Pilieva asks strangers to undress and hop into bed together. While her first video (“First Kiss”) was created to support the clothing brand WREN, “Undress Me” is a teaser for the season two premier of “Masters of Sex,” which aired on July 13th on Showtime.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the “First Kiss” video went insanely viral this past spring and the sequel seems to be following suit. Since its launch about a week ago, “Undress Me” has already garnered over 10 million YouTube.

In her branded video stunt, Pilieva appeals to the voyeur in us – a brilliant use of YouTube. This video captures all the fun and awkward moments between the strangers…and may just make you jealous that you weren’t asked to participate in the making of it. It also may just make you want to watch “Masters of Sex.”

Well done Titia, well done.

~ Tracey Jeffas, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency


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