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Viral Video, 1970s Style

Do you know Mr. Trololo? This 1976 Soviet TV clip of the Russian singer Eduard Khil went viral in 2010, giving international fame to the man who had enjoyed 1960s / 1970s popularity behind the Iron Curtain (and in front of psychedelic curtains, apparently). Clearly this performance was never intended to become a viral video (those didn’t exist back then), just showing that you can’t “make” viral: the crowd mentality determines what will become viral, and that’s very hard to predict. I wonder what Khil thought of his viral fame, which he experienced for the last couple years of his life before passing away just a few months ago in June 2012. No. Mo. Trololo. 🙁 

For those who really want to know Mr. Trololo, watch this (be sure to go to 1:10):

Haven’t had enough? Mr. Cat Trololo will fix that:

~ @AdvertGirl


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