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Virgin Puts the FREAK in Frequent Flyer

Too often, frequent flyer programs are mind-numbingly boring. Well Virgin Atlantic has put an end to that! The brilliant Branson brand machine has come up with a mile-rewarding promo that beats all others by a mile: a trip into space. The Virgin Atlantic flyer who amasses the most points by August 7, 2013 will be rewarded with a suborbital (I’ll pretend I know what that means) space flight with Virgin Galactic. (Oh yes, it seems that Sir Richard will be handily delivering space experiences to the masses – or at least those who can afford a $200K ticket, plus one lucky winner who gets to go for free.)

I don’t know that this prize will appeal to everyone, but it definitely stands out among the pack of unmemorable frequent flyer promos that have gone before it. It is, indeed, one giant step for marketing mankind.

Contest details: https://galacticcontest.virginamerica.com/

~ @AdvertGirl


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