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Virgin’s New Mile High Club

Virgin America Takes Social Media to New Heights

Leave it to Virgin to develop a cheeky video with founder Sir Richard Branson to promote Virgin America’s new Seat-to-Seat Delivery service, “Red.” In the video “Sir Richard Branson’s Guide to Getting Lucky”, Branson explains the concept in his terms –and then suggests using Red as a a lower cost alternative for non-gazillionaires.

Using the Red inflight entertainment system, passengers can single out a fellow traveler seated at, say 35A. Using the seatback touch screen, one might then select their seat number and send over a food or drink item. Should 35A be interested, both travelers can continue their conversation via text chats on the Red system. 

You never know what might happen at 35,000 feet. But Sir Branson does.

~ Sandy Storey, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency




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