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“We The People Means Everyone”

ACLU sends a message of equality.

What’s that quote? Something about beauty coming after a storm? No matter who you voted for in the fall, it was clear this election would have the massive impact on the arts, including advertising. There have been countless campaigns that target President Trump or act as a reaction piece to political happenings, and after 100+ days in office, this campaign really stood out.

In April, the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) debuted a campaign to raise awareness about a popular topic as of late: the First Amendment. In a stunning text only campaign, the ACLU teamed up with Emergence Creative to send a message to the people, and to President Trump, that the Constitution applies to all Americans, regardless of what your native language is, by plastering the First Amendment on buildings and buses in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Between building a wall or a muslim ban, it seems that certain groups are being singled out and the ACLU wanted to create an inclusive human rights campaign. “Because so much of the ACLU’s work involves protecting First Amendment rights, and because we now have a president that openly disdains such freedoms, it seemed like a good time to point out the “We the People” means everyone.”

The ads previously ran in Washington and will continue to run in Times Square through June.


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