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Just in time for Halloween and yet another privacy policy change from Facebook, this website will scare the $%@! out of you.  The site is “Take This Lollipop”, an interactive video website that uses Facebook Connect to make you the star of the video (not in a good way). It’s been around for a little while but I couldn’t think of a better time to share it. [Editor’s note: we posted about this last Halloween, but if Facebook can revisit their privacy policy, we can revisit this über-creepy app…especially today, on Halloween!]
All you have to do is give permission to the app to connect with your Facebook profile (something many don’t think twice about doing).  Then it’s off to creepy town.

According to the filmmakers, the purpose of the site is to personalize and underscore the dangers inherent in posting too much personal information about ourselves on the internet. Almost like a very personalized PSA. And in case you were wondering, the information gathered by the site’s app is used once and then deleted and never shared. 

Did you take the stranger’s candy? What do you think of this app?
Now excuse me while I go change some passwords…

Walid Elshahed, Web Designer,  The S3 Agency


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