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Whoa, Nice Package! (wink wink)

Known for their quirky, playful approach to beauty and branding – and their great brow bars – Benefit Cosmetics just launched a saucy new mascara ad to promote the company’s “They’re Real” Mascara, one of the brand’s iconic, bestselling products. The video campaign, aptly titled “Real Men Don’t Fake It,” features male characters (including Vinny Guadagnino of Jersey Shore fame) in tight clothing sporting some unusually large “packages” and some excited ladies, although it turns out they’re excited for a whole different kind of package: a mascara that promises beyond belief lashes.

Before anyone gets too bent out of shape, remember the brand’s penchant for bringing a cheeky approach to everything they do, from product names to ad campaigns. One visit to their homepage will reveal the good-humored vibe that Benefit exudes. Mashable caught up with the brand’s U.S. Director of Marketing, Claudia Allwood, who was quick to point out that the video is not meant to be taken seriously – it’s meant to elicit a few laughs and plays on the “real vs fake" dichotomy (hence the use of reality star Vinny).

Benefit recognizes that some of their fans won’t be fans of this particular ad, though it is so clear – transparent, even – that this is meant to another humorous display from the brand whose image is based on being bold and sassy.

Benefit definitely puts the “wink” in this mascara campaign. My one gripe – I surely wouldn’t be applying to my eyes anything that came from any Jersey Shore alum’s pants (or anyone else’s for that matter!). 

~ Jillian Verpent, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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