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As hard as it is to believe, the actors who portray the characters on MAD MEN have yet to take the Emmy for their individual roles. Perhaps Matt Weiner’s years creating Sterling Cooper & Partners has convinced him that advertising works…because the show has launched a Don Draper-worthy print campaign of 8 ads, each with a spotlight on a different actor.

Each ad transports us back in time with a vintage late 60s/early 70s look and feel, connecting each character with a fictional product that very well could have existed. As Joan hawks hair color (red of course) and Roger is all about the shoes, the brilliant copy draws parallels between the faux ad and why the subject deserves to win an Emmy…without actually saying it. Betty, for example, “loves pearls but prefers gold.”

With ads this fun and well done, it’s entirely possible an Emmy judge could be influenced – connecting the campaign creativity to each actor’s stellar performance. We’ll see when the awards air almost 3 months from now, on August 25, 2014, whether or not Jon Hamm takes home the Emmy, proving that “Behind every pair of our glasses is a man with winning character…” We’ll also see if this campaign sparks a new round of retro concepts from real ad agencies for real products.

~ Denise Blasevick (aka @AdvertGirl), CEO, The S3 Agency