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Will Jeff Goldblum Light Up GE’s Life?

The Fly. Jurassic Park. A GE Commercial. They all star actor Jeff Goldbum, but one of these things is definitely not like the other. General Electric’s new “Enhance Your Lighting” 2-minute video stars Mr. Goldblum as a self-centered celebrity whose ridiculous lifestyle is enhanced by the cutting-edge GE Link connected LED bulb. Apparently we are to believe that it if can even improve a life as great as that of His Flyness, even we mere mortals can reap benefits from this affordable luxury.

Do I like this spot? I don’t know yet. It’s certainly memorable (I doubt it will ever unburn itself from my brain). It’s highly creative. It’s the most I’ve ever thought about GE. And it may just compel me to watch it again.

~ Denise Blasevick, advertgirl & CEO, The S3 Agency


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