A brilliant healthcare IT company, DrFirst is expert at creating tech solutions that close the data gaps in the healthcare ecosystem. The problem? Without a strong brand to unite all of their efforts, DrFirst’s unique POD (point of differentiation) was lost among all of their amazing products.


DrFirst had been focusing on the myriad of helpful solutions they create – but their true POD came from their why, not their what: closing the data gaps enables the best possible patient care across the healthcare universe. This insight showed us that, to capture their level of “different,” we needed to invent a new word: Healthiverse.


Codifying the brand’s essence with a rally cry tagline, “Unite the Healthiverse,” brought the entire company together:

  • created internal alignment
  • differentiated their brand (check out the website!)
  • clarified what sets them apart – and what types of development efforts should be in place to continue this differentiation

By defining the Healthiverse, DrFirst has increased the brand’s perception as healthcare IT authorities – and invited conversations by current and prospective clients about what this means to them. You might say we helped DrFirst close their brand gap…



DrFirst Website Design
I have been working with The S3 Agency for more than 15 years, across a variety of industries. They have helped me to communicate each brand's promise with intelligence, wit, and extraordinary creativity. Their leadership is highly experienced, and their creative team some of the best in the business. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to make a big impact.
Catherine Armstrong
Sr. Director, Marketing Operations at DrFirst, Inc.