DrFirst Heals Its Brand.

A brilliant healthcare IT company, DrFirst is expert at creating tech solutions that close the data gaps in the healthcare ecosystem. The problem? Without a strong brand to unite all of their efforts, DrFirst’s unique POD (point of differentiation) was lost among all of their amazing products.

The insight:

DrFirst had been focusing on the myriad of helpful solutions they create – but their true POD came from their why, not their what: closing the data gaps enables the best possible patient care across the healthcare universe. This insight showed us that, to capture their level of “different,” we needed to invent a new word: Healthiverse.


Codifying the brand’s essence with a rally cry tagline, “Unite the Healthiverse,” brought the entire company together:

  • created internal alignment
  • differentiated their brand (check out the website!)
  • clarified what sets them apart – and what types of development efforts should be in place to continue this differentiation

By defining the Healthiverse, DrFirst has increased the brand’s perception as healthcare IT authorities – and invited conversations by current and prospective clients about what this means to them. You might say we helped DrFirst close their brand gap…

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