Eight O’Clock Coffee Escapes the Ordinary.

America loves coffee – and since 1859, we’ve loved Eight O’Clock coffee. But new trends and technologies meant this grocery store favorite needed to find a new way to be discovered by a new generation of coffee drinkers.

The insight:

We tied together a longstanding trend (Millennials’ love of coffee) and an emerging trend (escape rooms). We leveraged the escape room trend and AR technology to create a “techxperience” called the Great Coffee Break. People scanned the Eight O’Clock logo (from social media, digital ads, email, in-store, on-pack, etc.) and launched a virtual escape room. Set in an animated coffee roastery, consumers learned about the roasting process as they searched for clues to solve the Great Coffee Break escape room.

The Great Coffee Break

Make Your Escape


We liked these results a latté:
• Hundreds of millions of impressions
• Average engagement lasted an hour!
• Email address acquisition that fueled e-com

I had the pleasure working with S3 for more than 10 years. They are what I would call true partners: They think about your business even when they aren’t on the clock; they stay ahead of the curve in terms of what is happening in the world, in branding and in marketing; and they are open, honest and willing to share different points of views and perspectives. They also developed innovative, out of the box ideas to generate awareness and likability for our brand.

Eight O'Clock Coffee