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Beloved by home cooks and the food world’s biggest names alike, Rao’s Homemade needs no help developing award-winning sauces available in your grocery aisle. However, e-commerce requires a different recipe. Rao’s partnered with The S3 Agency to add depth and flavor to their customer journey, turning an eye towards boosting engagement and sales.

The insight:

Once people try Rao’s, they swear by Rao’s. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, let customer behavioral data define our strategic approach, and developed a comprehensive customer journey designed to play to our strengths, cultivate reviews, reward brand loyalty, and increase conversion.


We’re #1! Since implementing the new Customer Journey, raos.com has served up major multiples of sales growth – including hitting #1 spaghetti sauce* status – alongside gains in site conversion rate, customer lifetime value, and overall transactions. That’s awesomesauce.

*  According to IRI U.S. MULO data, last 52 weeks WE 6.13.21, Rao’s had the #1 Selling Item in the Spaghetti Sauce Category.