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Would It Actually Be Yummy As A Chip?

Lay’s Brings Back its Flavor Contest – With an Earworm You’re Sure to Be Singing: Wouldn’t It Be Yummy?

Ever want to eat a banana split…potato chip? Lay’s has brought back its beloved flavor search contest to find the next “it” chip.

While walking through the supermarket last night, I stumbled upon Lay’s “Cheesy Garlic Bread” chips. My first thought was: if you wanted cheesy garlic bread, why wouldn’t you just make yourself cheesy garlic bread? Why would you feel the need to eat that in a chip? We do live in a fast nation, where availability and convenience must be at our fingertips.

The new commercial marks the inevitable return of Lay’s crowd-sourcing promotion, “Do Us a Flavor,” where participants can create their ideal chip. Fans then vote on their favorites, giving those fans the power to turn ideas into reality. A win-win: the brand utilizes a new form of product development and gets some publicity – and the chip designer gets $1 million.

If talking food is your thing, then this commercial is right up your alley. The video features everything from hero sandwiches to pancakes to spaghetti – all singing about how yummy their flavor would be as a chip. The spot does get mildly desperate when the half-melted ice cream scoop chimes in about needing some cash, but overall Lay’s keeps true to its fun-loving roots with this cheery, colorful spot.

Props to the brave souls… ahem, chip connoisseurs… for testing some of these outrageous flavor combinations. It would take a lot more than a singing soufflé to get me to eat a meatloaf chip!

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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