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You Say You Want A Revolution…Ary Koozie?

Most British brands play it safe around American consumers during the July 4th holiday. But this year – today – Newcastle Brown Ale has said “pish posh” to this political correctness. Instead, they have “ambushed” Independence Day with a campaign to celebrate July 3rd. Declaring today “Independence Eve.” While July 4th may have introduced the Declaration of Independence, we will remember July 3rd as the day Newcastle Brown Ale introduced the “Revolutionary Koozie” – one one side the cold-keeper sports a Union Jack. At exactly midnight tonight, bar-goers are encouraged to perform a revolution of their own – literally, to turn the koozie to the other side featuring Old Glory. Newcastle hopes that this brilliant “spin” will spur on July 3 sales, since British brands tend not to be the beer of choice at tomorrow’s BBQs.

~ @AdvertGirl




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