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You’re Being Followed…In a Creepy Good Way

My favorite social media execution of the week: Mellow Mushroom. The funky pizza restaurant released 5 videos yesterday that don’t just border on creepy: they own it. But in a good way that makes you laugh and breaks through the clutter. Here’s one:

What a fantastic way to tell people that @MellowMushroom will follow you if you follow them…it’s hard not to test them out, which gets them followers. And yes, they do follow you back. They also tweet you creepy photos that keep the stalker campaign going:

Taking the idea of following on Twitter to a personal level is, imho, social media genius. It connects with tweeters on a whole new level. It also expresses the tasty off-beatness of their brand (I had the pleasure of eating at their Asheville location last year…yum). Plus, in day one this video got over 30K views – and lots of PR coverage, including some biggies like Huff Post. Not bad for a couple guys in funky fungus outfits who may just be showing up to follow me soon…

~ @AdvertGirl


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