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Burberry Campaign Smacks of Success

Send your loved one a kiss, courtesy of Burberry’s newest campaign. The renowned luxury brand is modernizing their image, aiming to engage fans digitally. With its Burberry Kisses campaign (powered by Google, which is shown numerous times throughout the introductory video), users can send “kisses” to those they love.  

By kissing their smartphone devices, desktop screens and tablets (oh the germs!), users can send their smooches miles away to their loved ones’ inboxes. They can also post their pucker, which is enhanced with an actual shade of Burberry lipstick, on social media (Google+ shown as the example here) and share their love with their fans, circles and followers. 

After sending their own love, users can see a glimpse of the “world’s love” displayed on an interactive map of people sending kisses around the world in real-time. [Writer’s warning: this map can be a bit mesmerizing with its soft visual elements and quiet music.] Burberry’s attempt at the viral campaign hits consumers on a personal level, avoiding the blatant in-your-face promotion and succeeding in offering a feel-good piece to viewers. 

Smooch away!

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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