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Google Answers Your GPS Prayers

Google lets God-playing celebrity help lost travelers find their way.


It seems like everybody and every brand loves Morgan Freeman. In a clever tie in to the actor who we all loved as God in Bruce Almighty, Google’s GPS mobile app Waze has signed the popular actor to their celebrity voice list. That’s right. Now, the same voice that we’ve enjoyed listening to, whether weighing in on serious issues entertaining with a dramatic reading of Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” can guide you to wherever it is you want to go.

Freeman’s voice feature was a part of the marketing campaign promoting the film London Has Fallen, the sequel to his popular Olympus Has Fallen Sequel. His role as Vice President narrates your drive. And the GPS voice addresses you as the president, with lines like “The world awaits your command”, as you make that right turn. The movie tie-in continued with in-app native ads served to users with the option to purchase tickets during through the ad.


It’s not easy for brands to keep their apps fresh, but Waze has been able to keep that consumer connection going. By utilizing branded content with PR grab-worthy hooks that get attention and interaction, Waze seems to have it figured out. If you have to be stuck in traffic, why not be entertained by the voice of one of your favorite celebs?

According to Waze, Freeman has been one of the most requested celebrity narrators among Waze users. The promotional celebrity integration angle has worked wonders for Waze. Other successful partnerships with the Hollywood elite have included Arnold Schwarznegger, Kevin Hart, and C3PO — the lovably polite android from Star Wars.

Need to have Morgan Freeman telling you what to do and where to go? Here’s how you activate the celebrity voice on your Waze app: go to Settings>Sound>Voice Language>Morgan Freeman.

Happy driving!


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