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Honda’s Positive Spin: #BestYourself

Honda rolled out the first element of a multi-dimensional campaign for their redesigned Civic this month with a cinematic 2-minute commercial. As advertising goes, that’s almost a minute and a half too long for mainstream TV, but not too monotonous for YouTube. America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon stars and is the voiceover of the commercial that was tailored down to just one minute for its TV premiere during an August episode of AGT. 

Honda aims to attract the beloved 18-35 year old demographic in this “dawning of a new day” / “improve yourself” themed campaign. Interestingly enough, there is no verbal mention of the brand in the commercial’s entirety – there are only visuals of Cannon driving the car. By using Cannon as the spokesperson, Honda shares that he, too, has grown from his roots and is the best he can be every day.

The only text shown in the clip is “We never stop pushing forward.” The car brand is saying a lot of themselves and their new innovations in their redesigned model. Despite looking a bit cliché with its carefully selected group of ethnically diverse young individuals striving to overcome obstacles and “best themselves,” the campaign remains inspiring. It’s a positive message in the negative world millennials are entering – a world where college loans loom and jobs are scarce. 

The brand is asking of its consumers, “What are you going to challenge yourself to do next? Tell us on Twitter and Instagram using #BestYourself.” The campaign’s web page even looks like it has used an Instagram filter, which also strives to attract their target audience. https://access.honda.com/

See the spot here…and be inspired to have a better – no a best day! 

~ Nicole Mazewski, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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