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How Volvo Trucks Went Viral This Weekend

Bet that’s a headline you didn’t expect to read anytime soon. But it happened. How? They came up with a brilliant stunt concept that had a unique aspect only executable by a very select few human beings – and they got one of them, who happens to be famous, to do it, capturing the whole thing on video (of course). Four days ago Volvo Trucks unleashed a YouTube video called “The Epic Split Feat” – a video in which two Volvo Trucks ride in reverse, side by side, as martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme stands with one foot on each…until (spoiler alert) he is doing one of his full-fledged spits in mid-air, each foot resting on one of the trucks.

Wow. The video is compelling to watch – and it may just make you think a little differently about Volvo Trucks. At least it’s got people thinking about Volvo Trucks at all…nearly 20 million of them over the past 4 days…in a daring way that seems to fly in the face of Volvo’s reputation for safety. Yet the stunt actually holds up the Swedish brand’s safety pillar, as it is intended to “demonstrate the stability and precision of Volvo Dynamic Steering,” as text in the video informs us.

Even those who aren’t Van Damme fans can’t deny his physical prowess in this stunt. Fantastic work all around.

~ @AdvertGirl


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