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Is Your Brand Packed with Character?

It’s beach season. Bro vernacular, “swole,” “jacked,” and “HY-UGE (sic)” comprise the temporary tongue throughout the Jersey shore. Sadly, no one can ogle your personality, so let’s ensure that physique is lookin’ mint.

Scope Kodiak Cakes, flapjacks for the grizzled hunter inside of you. Sure, by day you sell solar cells door-to-door, but tonight under the neon glow, your mark wears form-fitting zebra print and half of her vodka tonic. You took your protein with breakfast, chased Goose with pull-ups, and made a series of threatening bicep curls at some jamoke on the boardwalk…you’re the $%*&ing man, Chief.

Sorry, Kodiak Cakes. Right. Protein-packed products that sell like hotcakes. Someone probably made that pun, smacked themselves upside the head, jotted down a bear, and Kodiak Cakes was born. The packaging instantly drew my attention with a drastically contrasting black/burgundy/wheat color wheel. Similar to OOMPH!, Kodiak Cakes positions itself as a defector by use of non-traditional hues, a far roar from Bisquick’s bubbling yellow or Aunt Jemima’s fire engine-red. However, my favorite aspect of the packaging is its texture and composition. Dragging a nail across the box yields a satisfying ripping sound fit for a bluegrass ensemble. Sturdy and satisfying, it’s the ethos behind the mountain man’s protein pancakes.

Pancake mix, redefined. Is your brand packed with character?

~ Chase Cambria, Jr. Copywriter, The S3 Agency


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