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Is Your Broccoli a Gerber Baby?

Gerber Organic Baby Food Ad Redefines “Baby”

Asking consumers to watch a commercial that’s about a minute-and-a-half long is a pretty big demand in today’s short-attention-span environment. But that’s exactly what Gerber does in their new organic baby food spot that compares infants with actual Gerber babies: the fruits and veggies that go into their food. And you know what? I enjoyed every second.

The time didn’t fly by so much as rock me into a happy place — kind of like a lullaby. Using soothing tones, the narrator tells the tale of Gerber organic baby food in a way that educates and makes the viewer feel good about choosing this brand. It feels like a bedtime story, opening with pictures of beautiful produce and the following lines:

“These are our babies. So tender. So Sweet.

The most scrumptious offspring you ever did eat.

You raise yours so gently, and we do the same.

Or they never could have the good Gerber name.”

The story goes on to talk up the Gerber goodness — making the viewer feel like, “Hey, I don’t need to go to Whole Foods or some other expensive health food store to purchase baby food in order to be a good parent.” Nope. Watching this story unfold is believable. It shows that we can purchase affordable baby food that meets today’s rigorous MOTY (mother-of-the-year) standards at the regular ol’ grocery store.

More details inform us how Gerber can trace the pears in their baby food back down to the field and the row…almost the tree. Well, that’s a very appealing way to show consumers that your produce provenance is in order. We’re told that good farmers toil and pull these plants from the soil. We learn that heat and air can damage nutrients, so Gerber blends before cooking…cold puree, as it’s known. They blend them as raw as the way they were grown. Flash cooking…taste testing from babies…such goodness it’s almost overpowering, said with a lilt that makes me want to take a nap.

The spot ends with:

“We baby our babies, so your baby might

Enjoy spoon after spoon of nature’s delight.”

That’s right: broccoli, pineapple, pumpkin… those are Gerber’s babies. Gerber is the iconic name in baby food. To this day, new mothers are told that their adorable babies could be “Gerber babies.” Here, Gerber leverages that familiar phrase, turning our attention to their babies: the organic fruits and veggies that they lovingly put into each serving.

This commercial is simply adorable. A+.



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