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Jacobs Makes His Marc…on Diet Coke

On a recent trip to Europe, I happened to see this Diet Coke can designed by Marc Jacobs:


Glad I snapped a picture! Today while downloading my phone back in the USA, this shot prompted me to do a little investigation. Turns out the hot designer has unleashed cool designs for Coke bottles and cans as part of a year-long stint as the soda brand’s creative director. These "J’aime les années 90" (I Like the 90s) designs – more stylish than anything we’ve seen from the Pepsi Polar Bears – were first revealed on Diet Coke cans:


Then, a proper fashion show complete with known models Eliza Cummings, Lily McMenamy and Ginta Lapina (who likely drink Diet Coke and other calorie-free beverages by the truckload) brought Jacobs’ designs to life on Coke’s trademark bottles:


But did the designer stop there? Nope. The in-shape Mr. Jacobs starred in a cheeky remake of the famous Diet Coke “Hunk” 1990s ad – smart added authenticity for his 90s-inspired collection.


Here’s the original ad that made Lucky Vanous a household name [link] (for those who don’t remember…or just want to see it again). And here’s Jacobs’ version [link].

Looking like that as he’s about to turn 50 makes Jacobs an even more, ahem, fit designer for the sugar-free soft drink. Nice job by Coke, continuing their ties into fashion as a way to separate from the soda pack. (The brand has previously launched Gianfranco Ferre and Jean Paul Gaultier edition packaging.) Now how about bringing some of those refreshing bottles to America?

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