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Kit Kat Celebrates Halloween with a Cutting Edge Commercial

Can a candy bar brand turn a horror movie into a sweet (commercial) spot?

This is a question asked by no one, ever. But Kit Kat, Hershey’s chocolate-covered wafer cookie concoction that many choose to fill the bags of trick-or-treaters, has taken on the challenge.

The candy bar brand’s new Halloween spot, “Chase Break,” shows a scream queen running in terror from a chainsaw-wielding maniac. Despite the largely open clearing around her, she gets cornered (of course she does) against a tree. As the masked murderer dramatically pulls back his chainsaw, obviously preparing for the deathblow, the damsel screams “Wait” and holds up a Kit Kat bar. What happens next? (Oh, the suspense!)

Seemingly angered by her plea, the monster moves forward with his dastardly carving…but as the girl closes her eyes and prepares for her untimely demise, bits of wood start appearing in her hair. That’s right, the lunatic attacks the tree instead. The next thing we know, the two of them are sitting on a bench he made, sharing the sweet treat.

Turning an 80s-style horror movie vignette into a Kit Kat commercial is unexpected, indeed. And it works. I only wish that the chainsaw would have “massacred” the full-size chocolate bar into two “fun size” Kit Kats, providing an even more direct tie in between the commercial concept and the Halloween holiday for which it was created.


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