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Making Dinner Hilarious, One Tweet At A Time

There’s nothing like scrolling through your timeline and stumbling on Twitter gold. Although rare, it does happen. You might not expect the most interesting, witty, or clever one-liners to come from a brand, but I present to you @helper, the beautiful location of Hamburger Helper’s “punny” tidbits.

For a product that’s been around for several decades, they sure know how to stay relevant. The brand ditched the “Hamburger” and just goes by Helper now – and the super simple handle makes it even more attention-grabbing. @helper seriously knows how to infuse their product/theme into the current ramblings of pop culture and social media.

Their specialty? Pop music!

@helper even found out what caused the fight between Jay Z and Solange Knowles.

If this Twitter account doesn’t give you a good chuckle, I’m not sure what will. It’s safe to say, I’m slightly obsessed with @helper, which is resulting in a lot of scrolling. Mind-blowing only because it’s just a food additive. This is the kind of presence brands need to have if they’re trying to make a comeback, rebranding, or just trying to appeal to my generation (Millennials) and future generations.

I can only see one thing (Hamburger) Helper is doing wrong: there’s NO link to this amazing Internet find on their website. With something this great, they should be shouting it from the rooftops – or at least on desktops!

See ya later from this friendly face (or hand)!

~ Monique Moore, Summer Associate, The S3 Agency


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