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New Samsung Ad Captures Mom #TextsFromMom

It’s that time of year, when Mother’s Day racks up all the sappy sentimental ads. Samsung, however, is taking a much lighter approach with their #TextsFromMom spot. The ad features the newest edition Galaxy S6 edge smartphone, showing how many moms typically misuse text messaging. The text fails range from incorrect hashtags and blank messages to shouting messages in all caps. There’s even a fantastic emoji misuse that uses the poop icon as ice cream. 

The ad is nicely done. It will make you chuckle and smile and make you think of your mom, as many of us can relate to getting bizarre texts like these and wondering, ”Why, Mom, why?” Ha. 

After reading and relating to the fun texts, Samsung brings it home with an important message: this Sunday, call Mom – don’t just text her. The brand brings life to this ad by allowing people to dial the phone numbers as shown on the ad to hear what these moms have to say via their voicemail message. Even more, Samsung integrates a social campaign where you can share your mom’s funniest text stories by tweeting #TextsFromMom for a chance to win a new Galaxy S6 Edge. 

It’s a new approach – and a fun way to celebrate mom and all of her endearing ways!

~ Jazmine Rodriguez, Account Coordinator, The S3 Agency


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