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NJ Creative Agency Is Helping Small Businesses Survive

#NJSmall, the grassroots movement developed by our own small business – a NJ creative agency, is one step closer to becoming a law!

As we celebrate National #SmallBusinessWeek, The S3 Agency – a NJ creative agency best-known for its work with big brands such as BMW of North America, Eight O’Clock Coffee, and Rao’s Homemade – is proud to continue our work on behalf of NJ small business survival! Just four months ago we launched #NJSmall, a grassroots movement to help our home state’s economy recover quicker by driving more income to small businesses. We are pleased to report we are one step closer to this concept becoming legislation!

The situation: how can we find a way to help NJ’s small businesses survive the COVID pandemic, thereby keeping more people employed, without costing the government any money? We put the power of our NJ creative agency’s brain to work on this conundrum. And we came up with an innovative approach that is a bit of a unicorn: it’s a win-win-win (for businesses of all sizes, for the residents of our state, and for the NJ government).

The concept: ask Governor Murphy to incentivize NJ’s big businesses to hire NJ’s small businesses. This is a sustainable solution, since it doesn’t ask for governmental funding — in fact, it is a net gain for the state since more business will happen here. To spread the word, we launched a website with a petition (sign here!), as well as an omnichannel campaign that included advertising (broadcast, out-of-home, digital), public relations, and online marketing.

The progress: we have a bill from Assemblyman Gary Schaer! Bill A-4634 was officially introduced earlier this month, requesting a 1% corporate business tax credit when businesses hire #NJsmall businesses (under 50 people). We are grateful to Assemblyman Schaer and we are encouraged by this important step towards legislation.

The ask: in honor of National Small Business Week, we are asking that you do one or more of the following:

  • visit NJSmall.com to learn more about how this approach will help hasten NJ’s economic recovery (and sign the petition)
  • patronize small businesses and ask large businesses to do the same
  • contact the members of New Jersey’s Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee and ask for their support (here’s how!)

As a NJ creative agency for the past 20 years, we are used to brainstorming ways for clients to elevate their brands and overcome their communications channels – but not so used to founding grassroots movements. Of course, these are not usual times. We are grateful to all who have supported us so far on this mission. And we truly hope you will help us keep the momentum going so that this approach becomes legislation.


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