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(Pharrell’s) Hats Off to the #Grammys Twitterverse

It’s hard to remember back just a handful of years when live event shows like The Grammys were not accompanied by the Twitterverse soundtrack. The ability for complete strangers from around the world to come together via a hashtag never disappoints in terms of polarizing opinions, humor, and surprise “stars.” This year, the undisputed social star was none other than Pharrell’s hat.

The multiple-Grammy-winning artist and producer made enormous waves with his rather odd accessory choice…and I’m guessing he knew exactly what he was doing. While comparisons abounded – Smokey the Bear, Canadian Royal Mounties, the man from Curious George and more – it was the similarity to the Arby’s burger chain logo that took hold of Tweeters everywhere.

Kudos to Arby’s for becoming part of the conversation with this highly retweeted and favorited tweet:

Even Gain laundry detergent got a piece of the hat action with this tweet:

It even spawned a new Tweeter during the broadcast: @PharrellHat (who has over 13,000 followers already just a few hours after the show has ended).

What did @PharrellHat have to say? Well, the hat wondered what some of the other artists would look like donning it:

@PharrellHat, shown here next to Daft Punk in their famous headgear, also asked the age-old question: helmets or hats?

But the Grammy for favorite tweet of the night should really go to comedian Charles Esten, for this tweet that tied together the entire evening’s Twitter hilarity in 140 characters or less:

Thanks for the new lyrics, Charles. I’ll never be able to hear Get Lucky again without thinking of Pharrell’s hat.

~ @advertgirl


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