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Redesign Your Logo, Revitalize Your Brand

Redesign Your Logo or Solve Your Brand Identity Crisis?

If you’re thinking it’s time to redesign your logo, ask yourself why. It’s a question that can have many different answers – and none of them are wrong, but knowing the answer is key to getting the right results.

Here are some of the reasons brands come to us for logo redesign services:

  • Business is booming and the brand has outgrown the logo
  • Business is down and the logo isn’t working hard enough for the brand
  • The market and/or market strategy has changed
  • Leadership has changed (hello, new CMO)
  • The logo is outdated, boring, maybe even cringe-worthy when compared to competitors (“I just hate it and want my logo to be cool and look good on social media” = actual and understandable client quote)

When you are thinking of redesigning your logo, stop and ask yourself if this is a symptom of a bigger issue. If a new logo is going to be a band-aid for bigger brand issues, you may have a brand identity crisis. Then the first place to start is by revisiting your strategic positioning.

The Most Important Question: Who A.R.E. You?

We start by asking clients who they A.R.E. – what is their brand’s point of differentiation that is Authentic, Relevant, and Easy to understand? This will strategically inform what that logo should really look like.

If they don’t have a clear answer to that point of brand differentiation, one that is embraced by their entire company, that’s where we recommend starting. Knowing your brand’s true point of differentiation may even result in a name change, a new tagline, and a new marketing approach that will set you apart from your competitors.

(Oh, and a logo you’ll really love! We guarantee that, actually.)

Brand Identity Refresh: New Jersey Foundation for Aging

When New Jersey Foundation for Aging came to us, they knew they wanted more than a logo change. They wanted to have their brand value properly defined for today’s world.

That meant digging into who they really A.R.E. with our Brand Elevation process. By pulling together key stakeholders and facilitating our Brand Elevation with exercises and discussions designed to elicit brand insights, we helped their team align around the brand’s point of differentiation.

The essential aha: the organization was currently perceived as a library of information. But their true value came from advocating for NJ’s elders and those who care for them – and guiding people through complex information to help them achieve better quality of life.

A new logo wouldn’t be enough to encapsulate this idea of active advocacy. So we moved from this name and logo…

…to this name and logo.

We didn’t just design a new logo. We helped New Jersey Advocate for Aging Well solve its brand identity crisis so it could help more people. 

So if you’re itching for a new logo, be sure to ask yourself why — and keep asking why until you get to the real answer. Sometimes that answer can be as simple as “it doesn’t look good.” Sometimes it’s a symptom of a brand identity crisis. Either way, The S3 Agency is here to help. Click here to learn about our Logo Love Guarantee – or to send us a note that you’re ready for a new logo!


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