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S3 Launches Flush Guard Anti-Overflow Toilets for FGI Industries, Ltd

“Overflowbia” Campaign Helps FGI Win Prestigious “Design Bites” Award on Launch Day at KBIS (Kitchen & Bath Industry Show)

The S3 Agency launched Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets for FGI Industries, Ltd. yesterday in Las Vegas, Nevada at the opening day of KBIS, the kitchen and bath industry’s premier trade show. Dubbing Flush GuardTM Toilets “The Cure for Overflowbia,” S3’s campaign leans heavily into the benefits of FGI’s patented breakthrough in toilet technology. This memorable, relatable approach immediately captured the attention of showgoers – and even helped FGI win the highly coveted “Design Bites” competition as the industry innovation with the biggest bite.

FGI named S3 their Agency of Record for Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets following a thorough search in 2023. The agency was charged with full branding and launch duties, from strategy through execution, with KBIS marking the brand’s industry debut. The consumer campaign is set to go live in April, across digital advertising, public relations, and social media channels.

“FGI has been serving the kitchen and bath industry in a b2b capacity with premium products since 1987. With Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets, we recognized there was a serious opportunity to market directly to consumers – and finding the right agency would be a key part of our success,” said Glen Paporello, Vice President Marketing at FGI. “Our team unanimously chose S3 for several reasons, including their proven expertise with some of our favorite brands, their award-winning creativity, and their enthusiasm for our product.”

Inspired by FGI’s research showing that 2/3 of adults have experienced a toilet overflow, with many of those incidents resulting in home damage, S3’s “Overflowbia” concept addresses the very real fear that many people experience when the water won’t stop rising after a flush. A Freud-like Dr. Flushguard instantly cures his patient’s Overflowbia by showing how Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets have three holes in the back of the bowl to divert any excess water into a secondary drain that self-cleans with every flush. Plus, since these toilets are compatible with standard household plumbing, worries over specialized installation requirements are eliminated. In the end, the doctor shares that now his patient can “Go in Peace,” which is the brand’s tagline.

“Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets represent a true product differentiation, and we are absolutely thrilled that the amazing team at FGI has allowed us to bring that to life with a truly differentiated approach that is authentic, relevant, and easy-to-understand,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO at The S3 Agency. “While we knew this approach would be effective, I have to admit that seeing them win the ‘Design Bites’ competition on the day the brand launched exceeded our highest expectations.”

To learn more about Flush GuardTM Anti-Overflow Toilets and see S3’s campaign, please visit FlushGuardToilets.com. To learn more about The S3 Agency, please visit TheS3Agency.com.

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