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Email Marketing / Customer Journey Development

Your customers are on a journey. Are your email marketing strategies and campaigns guiding them or are they finding their own way? The S3 Agency’s work with some of the world’s most iconic brands has helped them increase open rates, click-throughs, and sales.

Successful email marketing is a function of numerous factors: strategy, list, copywriting, layout, coding, deployment and follow-up — everything needs to work together seamlessly and synergistically. Our brand-first, technology-forward approach breaks through, captures attention, and makes it easier for your customers and prospects to interact with your marketing programs.

On the technical and deployment side, we are able to scale from simple tools to partnerships with leading CRM and data analytics providers. Our model harnesses the power of scientific evaluation and analysis, transforming your existing customer engagement processes to a data-driven, personalized approach. Combined with the strength of S3’s award-winning creative execution, we’ve been able deliver exponentially greater results to clients that range from luxury automotive to coffee and tea.