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Will You Make a Date with Burt’s Bees?

E-mail. YouTube. Facebook. We’ve grown accustomed to being digitally invaded by ads on a regular (ie, minute-by-minute) basis. But our calendars serve as a sell-free sanctuary. And that’s something Burt’s Bees is looking to change.

Launching their new line of skin-brightening products, the popular nature-ceuticals brand is asking consumers to allow them 8 weeks of “dates” in their online calendars – to “brighten up” their schedules with everything from softballs (like a link to watch pandas eating birthday cake) to hard sell tactics (like a coupon to encourage trial of the new product line).

This goes along with the brand’s “Retouched by Nature” campaign that tells women they will see a radical transformation when they try the products over an 8-week period. To bring that point home, they photographed a model sans make-up after the 8 week period – and that fresh face plays a convincing starring role in the campaign.

Will American women grant Burt’s Bees access to their daily life schedules? While I don’t think this would work for every brand, Burt’s Bees has built a reputation for honesty and has developed true equity with its consumers. So I think the answer is yes. We’ll see (over the next 8 weeks, I suppose)…

~ Denise Blasevick (@AdvertGirl and CEO, The S3 Agency)


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