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Coors Light Gets Metaphysical Just as I Warmed to Supercolds.

Is the new Coors Light tagline causing an existential crisis?

New Coors Light campaign waxes philosophical. But must we forget Supercold?
New Coors Light campaign waxes philosophical. But must we forget Supercold?

Coors Light has a new tagline: Climb On. I highly doubt the creative brief asked for a line that sounds like it was ripped from a stream of consciousness writing seminar, but I feel the tag and thinking expansively are celestially linked.

Climb On is so clever in its simplicity, akin to Nike’s Just Do It. High praise, I know, but that “keep $#&%ing going, why would you EVER stop?” ethos really makes my chords thrum.

Climb On. Keep moving. Challenge your beliefs. Disprove what you know you know. Pen an essay of The Self. Title it something pretentious like On The Self. Bin it. Start anew. Stare at a blank slate until the scale of possibility scares you. Start writing anyway. The obstacle is the way. Whatever your mountain, Climb On.

It’s a truism that doesn’t feel too true. In times of strife, I hearken back to the adage, “Nothing worth doing comes easily.” Do I have to take the mental monkey bars to tie that to light beer that’s better suited for gargling than drinking? Yeah, it may be a bit of a stretch. But this is fishnet-cast marketing that’s desperate for a fresh angle, and those silver bullets can be fashioned as mirrors to the inner self.

However…their previous string of commercials had imprinted on me, and now I’m upset they’ve since been jettisoned. coors-light-cold-activate-future-e1308153201700“Supercolds” were a part of my weekly vernacular. Language that was first met with eye rolls and herky-jerky hand motions became a staple joke amongst friends, and ultimately, gave me a stronger tie to a beer I only used to associate with paternal absenteeism. It’s beer, so it’s cold, obviously. No. Coors Light was Supercold. You knew because it was blue. But Supercold is no more. What we’re left with now is every identity and none. To form an opinion is the purest expression of creativity. Climb On.

(No peyote, Supercolds, or otherwise illicit substances were used in the penning of this piece. Just interior monologue, which yields even more fascinating results.)


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