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Grey Poupon May Deny Your FB Membership, But You Can’t Deny their Cleverness

Warning: this is a long post. But it’s mostly pictures. Keep calm and read on.

We’re a bit obsessed with the Grey Poupon Facebook app that selectively allows in fans “of good taste” after rating them (see our post from earlier this week). At first, we thought everyone got in. The process is a riot. You like the page. You click on their Society of Good Taste app (allow FB entry, blah blah blah). Then you get evaluated, as the app picks out actual bits of info from your FB page and comments on it in the oh-so-snooty tone that the Grey Poupon brand has cultivated. Here are some screen shots of my application.

The app page (do you “cut the mustard” – oh, they slay me…):

Clips and commentaries, which we expected would all be complimentary:

The evaluation (please don’t rescind my “like”):

A proper welcome:

And a choice of a welcome gift (that’s interesting):

Once you are a member, you can return for additional rewards, such as sweepstakes entries, sponsoring other members, etc.:

OK, they had me with all of the above – and I’ll admit, it’s fun to watch your profile being rated by an algorithm posing as a bunch of British upper crusties. So we decided to give our resident office ghost, Bluelady Ofmainstreet, a chance to cut the mustard. (Here’s her FB page – go ahead, friend her.) After all, we figured Grey Poupon was blowing proverbial smoke about being selective in regards to their FB society members. At first, Blue Lady’s chances seemed good:

Then things started taking a turn for the worse:

Imagine the specter’s horror when she was DENIED:

Well, she’s not the only one. Lots of flesh and bones folks are getting denied, too. In a day when brands are fearful of social media rage, this is an interesting ploy. Will it make those denied try harder to get in? Does it reinforce the high level of taste the brand purports to have? Or will it turn people off, from both their page and their mustard?

Personally, I feel like this promo has raised Grey Poupon from the brand grave. Although our own Blue Lady has become a FB fan of French’s instead…

~ @AdvertGirl


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