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It’s not a new notion, there are a lot of companies out there working on alternatives to the dreaded QR code. But why is the QR code so hated by many? I personally don’t blame the concept because there are still many great uses for QR codes in marketing and beyond, like in the medical field. I think what people hate is having to install an app and then search for it on their phones when trying to scan the code.  A company called Ricoh has created a really cool alternative as seen here:

The app is called “Clickable Paper” and it lets you click on an image without zooming in on a code or logo first. After clicking, you’re directed to a range of options and links based on the item you photographed. This is a big improvement from QR codes, which can only send you to one dedicated link. However, you still have to use a special app to make it work.

Smartphone OS creators at Apple and Google are the only ones that can truly solve the issue by simply including the technology in their standard camera apps. As interactive print and outdoor ads become even more popular, I believe Apple and Google will do exactly that. We just have to wait a little while longer… 

~ Walid Elshahed, Web Designer, The S3 Agency


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