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Macy’s Valentine’s Day Social-motion Has Heart

At this point, everyone knows about the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement and Macy’s long-standing support of this female-benefiting charity. This Valentine’s Day, Macy’s is taking its campaign social, allowing supporters to spread the message and trigger support via social sharing. With a simple click, people can post to Facebook, tweet about, Pin or share a photo – and Macy’s will donate $2 per share – up to $250,000. Click here for details.

Rather than hearing about this in an industry journal, I’m seeing this social promotion pop up in my various feeds organically, from those in my social networks. The keys here are:

  1. It’s instantly understood.
  2. It’s easily shared.
  3. It makes sense for the largely female social audience of this brand, whose support of this charity spans many levels such as in-store couponing with discounts going to Go Red.

I always say you can’t create “viral.” However, when a brand shows this kind of lasting commitment to a solid organization and mobilizes their forces in a way that purely benefits that organization, chances are you’ve got more than a social promotion: you’ve got a social-motion.

~ @AdvertGirl


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