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MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. Appoints The S3 Agency to Help Build Awareness of Muscle Health Importance

S3 to implement public relations and social media efforts around the ability of Fortetropin®, MYOS’ proprietary ingredient, to improve muscle health.

MYOS RENS Technology, Inc. (“MYOS”) (NASDAQ: MYOS), “The Muscle Health Company” and owner of the advanced nutrition supplement Fortetropin®, announced today that it has hired The S3 Agency (S3). The Boonton-based creative agency will be executing an integrated public relations-social media campaign designed to educate the public about the important role that muscle health plays in living well – and how Fortetropin, MYOS’ proprietary bioactive formula made from fertilized egg yolk, helps build lean muscle and increase muscle recovery.

Clinical studies from multiple leading universities have proven the connection between improved percentage of lean muscle mass in one’s body composition to improved quality of life through increased muscle strength – from stronger athletic performance to quicker muscle recovery. In a study conducted at UC Berkeley, it was shown that participants who took Fortetropin experienced an increase in the rate of muscle synthesis by 18%.  A previous clinical trial at the University of Tampa demonstrated that athletes who consumed Fortetropin experienced three-fold gains in muscle mass relative to those given protein alone

Multiple published, peer-reviewed clinical studies and numerous compelling testimonials from elite athletes, doctors, and scientists around the world have demonstrated that all-natural Fortetropin is a powerful product that safely promotes muscle growth and development.

Powered by Fortetropin: MYOS currently offers three all-natural, great tasting and easy-to-use Fortetropin product lines: 1) Yolked® (NSF Certified for Sport® formulated for younger, highly competitive athletes); 2) MYOS Physician Muscle Health® (available exclusively through medical practices); and 3) MYOS Canine Muscle Formula® (formulated to support muscle health and recovery from injury in dogs; includes a Vet Strength formula available exclusively through veterinarians). MYOS intends to roll out additional Fortetropin-based product lines in the near future to meet the growing demand for muscle health support across different age and lifestyle segments.

“We are delighted to be working with S3, a leading digital marketing agency. MYOS has now reached a high point with multiple publications of human and veterinary clinical studies. Working with S3 will enable us to communicate the importance of muscle health and the role that Fortetropin can play in advancing the quality of life for humans and their pets,” commented Joseph Mannello, CEO of MYOS.

“We are honored to partner with MYOS to help build awareness of Fortetropin and how muscle health can lead to a better quality of life – especially at a time when people are grappling with unprecedented levels of difficulty,” said Denise Blasevick, CEO and Founding Partner of The S3 Agency. “You hear the word ‘breakthrough’ used a lot, but it’s rare that you actually get to help people learn about something that can actually change their lives.”

For more information about MYOS and the company’s proprietary ingredient, Fortetropin, that can help improve muscle health, please visit myosrens.com or call: 973-509-0444.

About MYOS RENS Technology Inc.
MYOS RENS Technology Inc. (MYOS), “The Muscle Health Company”, is a Cedar Knolls, NJ-based advanced nutrition company that develops and markets products that improve muscle health and performance. MYOS is the owner of Fortetropin®, an advanced nutrition supplement made from fertilized egg yolk-based product manufactured via a proprietary process to retain and optimize its biological activity. Fortetropin has been clinically proven to increase muscle size, lean body mass and reduce muscle atrophy. MYOS believes Fortetropin has the potential to redefine existing standards of physical health and wellness. For more information, please visit www.myosrens.com.

About The S3 Agency
The S3 Agency in Boonton, NJ is a Brand Elevation agency that specializes in differentiating and amplifying brands. Founded in 2001 by Advertising Hall of Fame inductees Denise Blasevick and Adam Schnitzler, The S3 Agency is best known for its work for brands such as BMW of North America, Tata Global Beverages and Wyndham Worldwide. Additionally, the agency is a WBENC-certified woman-owned enterprise, helping clients fulfill their commitment to diversity as they solve their advertising and marketing challenges. For more information, please visit www.S3.agency.

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