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Pi’s Epic Journey: Creating the Unforgettable

Web design is a very tricky thing. It is by far the fastest evolving creative medium on the planet. In less than 10 years, we went from using tables to organize our website layouts to creating multi-dimensional, immersive, and interactive website layouts.  This award-winning website by Fox Home Entertainment is an excellent example of how far we have come.  They created this stunning HTML5 parallax scrolling site, which takes a tour behind-the-scenes of how some of ‘Life of Pi’s’ most amazing moments came to be.

Parallax scrolling is the latest trend in the web design world and for good reason.  The effect creates a sensation of depth (3D) and a much more interesting browsing experience. 

Get your scrolling finger ready and click on the link below to experience this engaging site: https://journey.lifeofpimovie.com/

~ Walid Elshahed, Web Designer, The S3 Agency 


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