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Product Placement Madness!

The summer movie season is upon us, and that means big movies with big budgets. When I hear about how many squillions of dollars these movies take to make, I know a good deal of that is recouped from product placement. But does it have to be so obvious?

It’s very distracting from the movie watching experience. You’re engrossed in a story being told..the camera is following an actor’s movements. Perhaps he walks by a car, or pulls out a phone, and the camera focuses on that object for a beat. Or two. Or five…it becomes an awkward silence in the middle of a story being told.

Looking an egregious example? Marvel’s The Avengers follows two heroes around a car in the middle of a fight, only to stay on that car long after the characters have left the frame.

My favorite example? The most recent Superman! This Hollywood creation features no less then three different call outs to the IHOP franchise, including a long fight scene inside a restaurant. Because nothing says “Man of Steel” like a short stack.

I’d gladly sacrifice some special effects budget if it meant that I could enjoy an entire movie without interruption. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch Michael Bay blow stuff up.

~ Mike D’Ambrosio, Interactive Art Director, The S3 Agency


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