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Skinny Pop: Back-to-School Edition

Skinny Pop Popcorn Ad Gives Kids the Skinny on Snackfood Ingredients

Skinny sells. Any kind of food product with the word “skinny” in its name automatically draws in health-conscious adults, as Skinny Pop Popcorn well knows. Now the brand is shifting the focus to kids, giving young ones the “skinny” on unhealthy ingredients.

With summer ending and school starting, parents are under pressure to fill lunch boxes with healthy snacks that their kids will actually eat. The latest Skinny Pop commercial ties healthy eating and good taste together – in a way that kids themselves can understand. This can only be a good thing, given America’s current child obesity epidemic.

The commercial for the nutritious, fat-free popcorn features four kids seated around a table. An adult asks them to look at the ingredients on various snacks, and to pronounce things like “soy lecithin.” The puzzled children are then asked to mull over words like “monosodium glutamate.” One spirited discussion involves the food coloring Red 5. “I think it’s like 5 red ones,” says one boy. A girl then asks, “5 reds of what?”

What’s inside a bag of Skinny Pop? The young snackers effortlessly read off the three key ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil, and salt. And they happily munch away on the non-GMO popcorn.

Much like the popcorn itself, the messaging of this spot is simple: by getting kids to take an interest in ingredients, they may be more likely to want non-chemical snack foods. Skinny Pop is also holding parents responsible for what they grab off the grocery store shelves. And maybe, just maybe, parents can show their little ones this commercial to help sway them away from poorer choices.

Because as the brand tagline states, simple tastes better.



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