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Still Want to Play Pokémon Go?

How the Brand Is Trying to Keep Pokémon Going…

After months of players trying to catch ’em all, Pokémon Go fell down the charts in the app store, losing millions of users. This still has not stopped the revenue from coming. Niantic is still making its profits from in app purchases, such as PokéCoins, PokéBalls, eggs, and Lure Modules. But is one of the most downloaded apps in history doing enough to keep the experience fresh? Or will Pokémon Go become Pokémon Gone, something society will look back on as we do the Pet Rock of the ’70s?

I still get kicks from going to PokéStops and collecting PokéBalls. Right around S3, there are multiple stops, probably taken from Niantic’s previous app, Ingress. Staff here are fortunate enough to walk right outside to find a gym and PokéStop. I can’t complain there. However, it’s only fun for so long. In today’s world, we need more to keep our attention. That seems to be the problem with Pokémon Go.

So far, the only real edits are bug fixes, better tracking, fewer crashes, and the Buddy System – which is a nice update for those of us non-city dwellers. Now at least we are not relegated to Weedles and Rattatas… Instead, we can pick something rarer that we may have caught (say, a Dragonair) as a buddy, walk around, and level it up without searching for another. (Find out how on GameSpot’s website.)

Recently, Niantic released Pokémon Go Plus. It is a wristband that notifies you of nearby Pokémon and PokéStops. It’s a nice alternative to having the app open all the time and losing all of your battery power.

It’s quite the evolution from the PokéWalker that came with HeartGold and SoulSilver. This little piece of nostalgia was the first thing I though of upon seeing the new Pokémon Go accessory.


Here’s my issue with the wristband. If I put down $35 to get more convenient alerts, I still only catch the not-so-desirable Pokémon in my area. It would be quite the investment if you are dedicated to the game and live in a super-populated area like New York City.

What I am truly looking for are the features the developers are in no hurry to provide. Trading Pokémon between users and battling other users still need to be added to the app. These features give a more personalized, friend-building experience instead of just battling strangers in gyms. It also gives users the ability to access other kinds of Pokémon you cannot find on a daily basis. The crazy thing about this is that what I am talking about is not new territory. Players could battle and trade with friends on games compatible with Nintendo hand-held consoles.

Nintendo and Niantic, I am waiting on you for these features I just mentioned to be a reality. You can update the app and provide cool gear, but you’re missing out on giving users the chance genuinely interact with each other. Sure, you can add more Pokémon down the line to distract me, but will it decrease my chances of getting a Rattata? Add some more interactive, human-to-human elements to the app and I will try to catch ’em all again.


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