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Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore recently launched their new advertising campaign to build awareness and boost enrollment. Being an art school, the campaign needed to showcase both creativity and inspiration – and they did just that.

Lasalle used quotes from famous artists and innovators on their own personal paths to hone in on the profound effect the arts have to inspire. Faces of these iconic figures were beautifully brought to life via words from their own quotes.

Each of the creative executions end with a simple, yet powerful, call-to-action: “What do you want to try?”; “What course will you drop in on?”; “What will you be?”. The detail of the calligraphy paired with with the quotes is really impressive. Now will this boost enrollment is the question…

What inspires YOU?

~ Stefanie Fernandez, Account Supervisor, The S3 Agency

[Images: at top, Van Gogh; below, Steve Jobs and Picasso]

SOURCE: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16249571/The-Art-Of-Inspiration


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