Graphic Design

Graphic design is one of the fastest possible means of communication. And because first impressions happen almost instantaneously, you need to be sure your audience feels good about your brand at first sight. That goes for everything from your logo to your website to your packaging. 

For S3, creating that favorable emotional response begins with asking the right questions. In other words, before we start doodling, we start digging. What does your brand mean to your audience? What should it mean? What makes your brand unique and important? Where is it strong, where is it weak, and where on the playing field does it need to be? 

Our methodology creates powerful results because the most effective, most enduring design grows from and enhances the connection between the brand and the audience. It is this connection that separates truly differentiating graphic design from the purely ornamental.

S3 has an impressive branding and rebranding track record across many industries, including: